Tank No.12 – 8.5 litres

AUD $449.00 excl. gst

The 8.5 litre pillion seat replacement tank for the Honda Africa twin CRF 1000 was designed for the Africa twin and only fits the Africa twin CRF 1000 from 2016-2019.

Does NOT fit the 1100 model.

It was designed so that you can still use your rack and so you don’t have to unload your rack to fill the tank.

We have made it as simple as possible and made it easy to fit or remove.

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This tank comes with all mounting and plumbing hardware to mount to your Africa twin.

ATAS model- This tank does not fit the ATAS model as the rear rack on the ATAS model is much narrower than the standard model. We will look into this in the near future.

It plumbs to the breather inlet on the bottom of your main tank so as you use the fuel from the main tank the fuel in the rear tank is drawn through into the main tank.

The main tank will remain full until the rear tank is empty. Then the main tank continues to breathe through the rear tank.

It comes with a drybreak fitting which mounts under the main seat for easy removal.

To remove the rear tank there are only 3 bolts and the dry break fitting.

While not using the rear tank we have supplied a breather hose extension which will plug in to reconnect the original breather. This must be connected or the main tank will not be able to breathe.

This tank takes up all of the space under the pillion seat and the fuel and breather lines take up a bit of space under the main seat.

Fitting – This tank comes with comprehensive fitting instructions. It involves lifting the main tank to fit the fuel delivery line and the breather extension.

It comes with a rear bracket which picks up the 2, 8mm bolts just behind the rear pillion seat mounts.

This mount bracket can stay on the bike even with the pillion seat fitted.

It comes with 2 mount brackets which pick up the 2 standard front pillion seat mounts.

You only need to lift the main tank once to fit the fuel and breather lines. Then changing from pillion seat to the rear tank and back again is all done from under the main seat.